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Most of the deliverables from a Performance Testing role aren’t re-usable or are the property of the host company, so I’m limited in what I can legitimately post here. In any event, over the years, I’ve created various little widgets and utilities to automate some simple and / or mundane tasks.
I’m not posting the originals here yet as I haven’t decided how best to upload them and have them represented on-screen. Instead, here is the source-code:

Winzip Command Line to zip a .htm file and it’s subdirectory
This is used against the reports to zip each report up individually. It’s recursive, it removes the files as well. (Remove the -m flag to stop that). Most importantly, it works.

REM @echo OFF
REM Path to res directory...
cd C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\DNB\res_landing\
for %%a in ("*.htm") do wzzip -a -m -rp %%a
for /d %%b in ("*.*") do wzzip -a -m -P -r %%b\*.*

The winzip command line extension can be found here:
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