Who is AutomationSolutions?

AutomationSolutions.org is the website of Matt Leach, an experienced IT consultant with specialist skills in Automation and Automated Testing. Having worked in the field for over 2 decades, we have gathered a large and wide-ranging body of knowledge and a pragmatic practical and hands-on approach to automation.


Building upon tools and techniques built and tested at a variety of clients, we are able to offer bespoke solutions using existing technology to enable such things as:

  • Increased Speed and Reliability of Processing.
  • Reduction in Costs
  • Removal of Mundane tasks

With skills in DOS, Bash, Python, VBScript, Excel, Access, SQL, VBA, C amongst many others, there is sure to be a platform on which an automated solution can be produced for almost any task.

Automated Testing

Whether starting from first principles or fitting into an established framework, Matt is able to provide expertise in all areas of Automated Testing across the entire lifecycle. With skills in Winrunner and UDP (QTP) alonside the Open-Source alternatives WATIR and Selenium, best practice automated testing has been provided to a wide variety of clients.

Performance Testing

Automated testing tools provide the best end-to-end solution for performance testing, saving time, money and manpower in the long-run. I have spent over 20 years working primarily in this field using a wide variety of the software tools available, particularly focussed on Loadrunner and Jmeter.

Regression Testing

Automation of regression testing is often considered to be a controversial topic, mostly due to the limitations of the tools / scripts. Done properly, however, there is a definite benefit in terms of effort, manpower and test coverage. If the framework is good enough, these benefits can be huge.


There are lots of resources who can automate tasks, there are lots of resources who can automate testing. At Automation Solutions, we provide the ability and expertise to automate full end-to-end efforts from data gathering through to report collation with minimal manual intervention.

Why the better way?

Matt says:

Simply put, there is nothing more mundane than performing the same task
over and over again ad infinitum, so let’s find the better way.

Contact Us

For more information, mail Matt.

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