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Dockerised Jmeter + Grafana + Influxdb

Jmeter is a widely used load testing tool from Apache. It is open source. Influxdb is a widely used time series database from InfluxData. It is open source. Grafana is a widely used graphing and analytics engine from Raintank inc. It is open source. Docker is a platform designed to containerize applications and services. It […]

Implementing Iteration Pacing in jMeter

Jmeter is an excellent tool for performance testing, especially given the price. It does however have a small number of limitations. One of those is the lack of a decent analysis, results and reporting engine – which I guess is why a lot of companies use Blazemeter as their testing component. Another limitation in my […]

Loadrunner Parameters in Blocks not updating?

I’ve encountered an issue recently where in a loadrunner script, I wanted to execute a number of requests of one type, followed by a number of requests of another type, followed by a number of requests of a third, and subsequently fourth and final type. The whole thing is four blocks looping in sequence inside […]

Centralised Testing Functions – Oversight and Governance

I’ve been working on a project over in Sweden, and have found it unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Sadly, this is for all too familiar reasons. I work for an organisation with a small performance testing function centralised across all the projects that can be conjured up. As a result, there are often a […]

Python Functions

Declaration of functions in Python is nice and simple. def my_function(): print(“Hello From My Function!”) The call is also uncomplicated my_function() With Arguments def sum_two_numbers(a, b): return a + b sum_two_numbers(10,8)

Extending Loadrunner Scripts with C – Function Library #1.2

I have now left the Cardiff JMeter role, and returned to Loadrunner work, this time in Dublin. With every new position I find myself re-invigorated to learn new things, update old code and write some articles for the site. I have a lot of ideas in my head at the moment, but my shower thoughts […]

Jumping Ahead with JMeter

A new article in the dev diary describes how I’ve gone about creating a fully automated performance test suite using jmeter for my latest clients. A further article will shortly appear here, although my concept of shortly may be somewhat different to most. In any case I have plans to document the process of constructing […]

String Manipulation with VBA

As a performance tester, most data arrives at me in a spreadsheet, or an enormous text file with little or no delimitation. The previous article showed how to parse across columns and down rows to gather data. Excel has a number of built in functions to manipulate that data before outputting it for us. Functions […]

Excel as an IDE

I’ve often found, especially when starting at a new client, that real development tools aren’t provided for testers (even automation testers) as standard and have to be requested from the helpdesk. This can take a week or longer to sort out, depending on efficiency. It’s worse in financial institutions who seem to think Admin rights […]

Performance Testing – 4 Questions (an approach)

I’ve been asked to give a talk to some of our off-shore developers. They’re sitting through a workshop on just about everything related to the client environment, and I’m talking for 15 minutes about performance testing with Loadrunner against web-baed sales flows. I thought about winging it, but the manager has asked for a powerpoint […]

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