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Python Basics

The absolute basics: Strings print(“Goodbye, World!”) x = “string value” print (x) Integers myint = 7 print(myint) Floats myfloat = 7.0 print(myfloat) myfloat = float(7) print(myfloat)

String Manipulation with VBA

As a performance tester, most data arrives at me in a spreadsheet, or an enormous text file with little or no delimitation. The previous article showed how to parse across columns and down rows to gather data. Excel has a number of built in functions to manipulate that data before outputting it for us. Functions […]

Excel as an IDE

I’ve often found, especially when starting at a new client, that real development tools aren’t provided for testers (even automation testers) as standard and have to be requested from the helpdesk. This can take a week or longer to sort out, depending on efficiency. It’s worse in financial institutions who seem to think Admin rights […]

Dev Diary

There’s a link to the dev diary over there on the right, currently amongst the links to hosts and wordpress themes. I’ll be adding more relevant content as I find it. I’ve added a few days of diary regarding test stubs, vbs and vb6. It’s coming along nicely. The dev diary will be much more […]

New Development Project – Loadrunner Scheduler

Amongst all the other tasks I have with performance testing and automating on client sites, and sleeping, I once developed an excel-based scheduler for Loadrunner.

Automated Testing Best Practices (Basic)

I wanted to prepare an article that specifies the very basic best practices for Automated Testing, whether its functional or non-functional. It seems to me that all the tools, whether open-source or commercial allow for these essential practices, presumably because this is the way we should all be doing it… some of us aren’t, you […]

First Steps with Selenium

Matt: So, Selenium is an open-source toolset for testing web-based applications. It can be found here. I started working with Selenium recently and I though it’d be an interesting post to document how I went from novice to competent user. One of the interesting features of Selenium is that is can be used for performance […]

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